Everything you need to know about Black Friday

A research with 1,500 respondents across Italy, Spain and France, aimed at providing e-commerce and digital professionals with an in-depth tool for understanding the preferences and choices of consumers


An answer to the most sought-after questions regarding Black Friday

How many people will shop online during Black Friday? Will they spend more or less than last year? What are they planning to buy?

We turned to the UNGUESS crowd to look for answers to this burning questions, just to make your Black Friday campaign, creatives and activities more effective

A deep dive into buying habits, planning of expenses and device preferences

Products, industries, differences with previous years and much more

1,500 interviews from Italy, Spain and France, with a focus on different age groups

Unique insights to plan your Black Friday campaigns

black friday survey

Table of content

  1. Black Friday and shopping
  2. Shopping planning
  3. Buying Habits
  4. Environmental Impact
  5. Buy Now Pay Later

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