Most cybersecurity breaches are caused by human error. That’s why human insights are so important. Launch Bug Bounty, Vulnerability Assessment and Pen Testing campaigns in a few simple steps, drawing on our community of certified ethical hackers.

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Benefits of the Bug Security Bounty Program

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Success Stories


“We are very satisfied with the collaboration we had with UNGUESS and its Security Business Unit. The value of continuous Bug Bounty Programs lies both on the value of knowledge of the health state of our website and on the importance of the current regulation about cybersecurity.”

Marco Venuti

Chief Technology Officer at Milkman Technologies


“The UNGUESS team is made of CX, VoC and market research experts. I can pick up the phone and have the right survey created and launched within a few hours. In a few days, they created a community among our clients and set easy connections to provide Sky with valuable customer insights in a way that is incredibly lean and fast.”

Cristian Vaghi

SKY, Head of Customer Experience & Journey Design


“In a very short amount of time, UNGUESS delivered high-quality insights and effective solutions that would have required the effort of many internal resources. Their platform can be applied to different business needs, from marketing insights to user experience.”

Filippo Fusaro

De’ Longhi, E-commerce Project Manager


“UNGUESS has been a game-changer in improving the effectiveness of our internal testing phases and reducing our efforts – in terms of rework, and finding and solving problems and bugs that would have been impossible to find before going live.”

Giovanni Barillà

Enel Group, Head of Communications and Other Staff Digital Hub



Software Quality

Crowdtesting solutions for your digital products, by engaged testers on real devices.

UX Research

Co-design and crowdtest your product with real humans, for the best user experience.

CX Research & Insights

Use feedback from our crowd to develop a winning customer experience.

Ethical Hacking

Pre-empt cyber threats and keep your business – and your users – safe.

Special Services

Bespoke crowdsourced solutions for your business.


Have your own ready to use dynamic community to run multiple Mkt, UX and CX researches.

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