Playlist | 10 Quality Assurance trends not to be missed in 2024

UNGUESS has deployed an interdisciplinary team of developers, researchers and Software Quality experts to distill the best of the most impactful trends for the coming year.

And with each trend, we’ve paired one of our favorite songs to make this beginning of 2024 more agile for you. Relax, press play, and enjoy reading!

Discover the trends that will characterize 2024 In the field of Software Quality

Continuous testing, focus on UX and Security, automation, cross-platform compatibility, and more.

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All trends that will have an impact
On the world of Software Quality in the near future

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  • Another brick in the (fire)wall: advanced security testing
  • Shake it off (the bugs): emphasis on continuous testing
  • Are you experienced? Focus on UX and UI testing
    For each trend you will find an example “
    Best in class” and a relative statistic. And of course an exceptional track tobe heard during the reading.

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You are one step closer to discovering the trends that will shape the future of Software Quality .10 trends, 10 songs, statistics, and best practice examples: leave in 2024 in high gear!