Playlist | 10 Cybersecurity trends not to be missed in 2024

The Security team at UNGUESS went to work to extrapolate the 10 most impactful trends for the present and future of cybersecurity research.

But because a simple infographic seemed trivial, we decided to turn it into a playlist: for each trend, a matching song.

Turn up the volume, enjoy the reading!

Discover the trends that will characterize 2024 In the field of information security

From the growing importance of NIST and ISO frameworks to major cyber resilience strategies and SOC solutions.

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All trends that will have an impact
On the world of cybersecurity in the near future

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You are one step away from discovering Some of the best insights into cybersecurity

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  • NIST and ISO security frameworks
  • The race to strengthen cyber resilience
  • The evolution of firewalls and perimeter defense
  • Secure cloud migration strategies

For each trend you will find a“Best in class” example and a related statistic. And of course a track to listen to while reading.

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You are one step closer to discovering the trends that will shape the future of Cybersecurity .10 trends, 10 songs, statistics and best practice examples: leave in 2024 in high gear!