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Automation Testing

Reduce development costs, optimise your team’s efforts, and increase test coverage.

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Benefits of Automation Testing

You won’t always need real users or manual testing. Repetitive tests – like stability and non-regression tests, or those carried out with each new feature or modification – can be automated. Setting up and running automated testing can be difficult, but our team experts can do it for you whenever you need it.

Reduce costs by reducing the manual workload

Optimise your testing efforts

Increase your coverage by performing dozens of tests with a single click

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Success Stories

The benefits of integrating Crowdtesting and Test Automation methodologies into the software delivery cycle

Crowdtesting + Test Automation methodology

Test outputs: more than 300 functional bugs identified in different test cycles

Test outputs: more than 15 hrs of video analysed for user experience optimisation.

Product results: Significant reduction of functional bugs on versions released on the stores

Product results: Compatibility of apps on new OS, validated before market release

Product results: Correct measurement of digital churn rate in the account opening process and identification of improvement actions

Product results: Improvement of the experience by revising user support information to avoid moments of disorientation and/or discontinuation of account opening

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