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Chatbot & Voice Training & Testing

Enhance your chatbot training to ensure a smooth, authentic experience.

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Benefits of Chatbot & Voice Training & Testing

Chatbots have revolutionised customer service, automating engagement and eliminating up to 80% of frequently asked questions. But they need to be trained before they go live – if not, they’ll feel clunky, inauthentic and annoying. Our Chatbot training and testing service enhances the learning phase, and collects feedback on the quality of responses, their relevance, and the overall User Experience.

Enhance the learning phase

Collect feedback on quality of responses

Understand UX quality

Price on request

Success Stories

Use case: training a banking chatbot

How can you enter the market with an already-trained chatbot? And how can you do it on time and avoid delay?

The UNGUESS’s project, designed with INNAAS, is meant to support the chatbot development process by making it faster, more effective and complete before its public release

With UNGUESS you can achieve 8,000 interactions in 3 days

Join these global brands in using the power of our crowd

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We can do so much together. The demo is just the beginning of an amazing journey for you, your digital solution, and your users. Connect with us and our Customer Success Manager will get back to you.
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Tickets are available now for the first Italian event with a conference and a series of workshops about User Experience.
Come shape with us the future of User Research!

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