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Discover how we helped Sky Italia design a seamless buying experience for Sky Glass with a campaign involving 1000+ testers.

Most customer experience (CX) programs are based on pure measurements and general feedback, making it difficult to truly understand your customers’ experience in a lean and fast way. Unleash our global crowd to target your research depending on your specific needs. UNGUESS’s centralised approach to customer and user testing gives you the insights you need to make better and faster decisions around your product launch.

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How UNGUESS has brought value in CX Research & Insights

Case study

3 days to optimize Sky Glass TV buying and delivery funnel

Discover how we helped Sky Italia design a seamless buying experience for Sky Glass with a campaign involving 1000+ testers.


The New Way of Understanding the Customer Journey Benchmarking

The centrality of the customer journey as one of the main tools of CX Management.

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How can you go further in Customer Experience Management thanks to the Crowd?

Learn the new way of understanding customer feedback.

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Customer Journey Benchmarking

Discover our innovative customer journey mapping method that considers the competitors' maps to help businesses offer the best possible experiences to their consumers.

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The New Way of Understanding Customer Journey Benchmarking

Discover UNGUESS' innovative method of mapping the Customer Journey through a survey of 7 Italian medical centres.

the state of digitalization of european tourism web
UNGUESS challenges

The state of digitalization of European tourism

Are we ready to offer an effective and "future ready" digital experience?

how many clicks
UNGUESS challenges

How many clicks does it take to open a bank account in Spain?

We see that Spanish banks are investing more and more in the digital acquisition of end-to-end products, trying to offer an online experience that is as simple and friendly as other business sectors.

UNGUESS challenges

How Many Clicks Does It Take To Buy A Dress?

Since the start of the year, two million new consumers have been recorded in Italy alone, and the sector will grow up to 55% globally in 2020.

electricity supplier
UNGUESS challenges

How many clicks does it take to change electricity supplier?

The churn rate in the utility sector is not to be taken lightly. The annual average of users changing energy and water supplier is between 12 and 15%, and the trend is not declining1.

request a loan quote
UNGUESS challenges

How many clicks does it take to request a loan quote?

According to the Bank of Italy, since the beginning of the pandemic, about 15% of households have applied or considered applying for a loan from a bank or finance company.

test automation and crowdtesting
White paper

Integrating Crowdtesting And Test Automation Methodologies

The benefits of integrating CrowdTesting and Test Automation methodologies into the software delivery cycle

summer 2021
White paper

Test Coverage Index Summer 2021

Be sure to plan ahead to get maximum test coverage

test coverage index spring 2022
White paper

Test Coverage Index Spring 2022

Be sure to plan ahead to get maximum test coverage

healthcare challenge
UNGUESS challenges

Customer Journey Benchmarking: the healthcare challenge

Learn how customers select health centers and what are the main pain points of the process

first click
UNGUESS challenges

First Click Test on six major Swiss banks

Learn how to improve your conversion rate through our innovative UX research

booking unguess
UNGUESS challenges

The booking challenge

We asked the community to test 8 flight aggregators: Booking.com, eDreams, Expedia, etc...

ambientata snap wash
Case study

IoT: Candy washing machine and its app

How Candy optimized its new product in more than 5 countries

Case study

Pirelli: Bug Hunting & Customer Feedback

CYCL-e around is Pirelli's e-bike rent service. It was initially only available to luxury hotels, but it was now opened to the consumer market.

prenatal unguess
Case study

Prénatal: a User-Centric eCommerce Experience

Three Days of Testing for a User-Centric eCommerce Experience

CX Research & Insights

concept icon

Concept Testing

Evaluate your brand concepts through fast, detailed feedback from real users

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product testing icon

Product Testing

Unleash our crowd to gauge the market reaction to your new products.

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customer ex diaries icom

Customer Experience Diary

How do your customers experience your brand? We’ll collect data on every interaction.

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claims icon

In-store Experience Testing

Use our community of real humans to analyse your customer’s experience inside your physical stores.

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pre launch marketing icon

Pre-Launch Marketing Mix Analysis

Analyse your new product’s marketing mix – including concept, packaging, positioning and category – before the launch.

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copy test icon

Copy Testing

Gauge the effectiveness of your advertising text before launch.

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online focus groups icon

Online Focus Group Testing

Draw on our global crowd to gain qualitative customer insights for a vast range of research scopes.

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cx research icon

CX Research & Insights

Use feedback from our crowd to develop a winning customer experience.

cyber icon

Cybersecurity In Crowd

Pre-empt cyber threats and keep your business – and your users – safe.

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software quality icon

Software Quality

Crowdtesting solutions for your digital products, by engaged testers on real devices.

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special service icon

Special Services

Bespoke crowdsourced solutions for your business.

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tryber icon


Have your own ready to use dynamic community to run into multiple UX, CX and marketing researches.

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UX Research

Co-design and crowdtest your digital product with real humans, for the best user experience.

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