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Co-design and test products and services with your end users to ensure a memorable experience.

Digital products need much more than generic feedback to improve the user and customer experience. We gather evidence on usability and accessibility through an engaged crowd, and also by comparing similar experiences.

Choose and launch crowd-based User Research campaigns in a few steps and create a successful product that meets real needs and desires.

Be smart from the start.


Why choose UNGUESS Experience

With our User Research services, it is easier to understand habits and behaviors of real users and customers who interact with your products. It’s the only way to validate prototypes, get timely feedback and learn more about who uses your services.

Here are some good reasons to choose us:

Ease, versatility and and speed in problem identification

Experienced and qualified researchers to conduct the tests

A proprietary one-stop platform for data and insight

Ongoing support and technical assistance

What people say about us

Many UX methodologies

We implement many different User Research methodologies, both of quantitative and qualitative nature. We cover everything from exploration to product validation with timely opinions and feedback on the usability of your experience. We intertwine real user needs, context of use and our own knowledge to explore, deepen, and validate your solution.

data oriented

High impact products

In addition to User Research testing, we also perform CX Research and Accessibility campaigns. This allows to increase engagement between experiences, interactions and customers, new or long-term ones, but also to validate a product experience through the opinions of people with disabilities.

A one-stop platform for testing

Find UNGUESS campaign results on a single platform that hosts both functional and usability tests. Check data on your products and services from our dashboard: here you’ll find findings overviews and details, complete with video evidence and user quotes.

unguess platform
dynamic community

A dynamic community

UNGUESS adopts a crowdbased approach to UX and CX Research campaigns. Our experienced team of researchers select from our crowd users with similar characteristics to those who actually use your product, while remaining mindful about covering any type of user.

UNGUESS Experience Services

ux testing icon

UX Testing

Test your product from a user perspective and create memorable experiences.

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unmoderated user testing icon

Unmoderated User Testing

Activate our crowd quickly to identify and solve usability issues.

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prototype testing icon

Prototype Testing

Get direct feedback from your users as they test your product prototype.

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benchmark testing icon

Benchmark Testing

Use our crowd to identify which competing digital products your users prefer.

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first impression icon

First Impression Test

Use our crowd to evaluate new users’ first impressions of your digital product.

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accessibility testing icon

Accessibility Testing

Accessibility Testing is carried out by users with disability to identify potential accessibility issues of the service being offered.

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concept icon

Concept Testing

Evaluate your brand concepts through fast, detailed feedback from real users

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product testing icon

Product Testing

Unleash our crowd to gauge the market reaction to your new products.

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customer ex diaries icom

Customer Experience Diary

How do your customers experience your brand? We’ll collect data on every interaction.

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claims icon

In-store Experience Testing

Use our community of real humans to analyse your customer’s experience inside your physical stores.

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copy test icon

Copy Testing

Gauge the effectiveness of your advertising text before launch.

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online focus groups icon

Online Focus Group Testing

Draw on our global crowd to gain qualitative customer insights for a vast range of research scopes.

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