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Protect your products and services from attacks and risks and rely on a community of certified ethical hackers.

Digital products are more and more exposed to cyber risks and security breaches. To counter them, UNGUESS activates a community of ethical hackers to give you expertise, insight, and speed of action where classic cybersecurity services prove ineffective.

Choose and launch crowd-based Vulnerability Assessment and Pen-testing campaigns in just a few steps.

Be safe from the start.


Why choose UNGUESS Security

Our cybersecurity services are fast, scalable, affordable, and crowd-based. Round-the-clock campaigns and testing identify risks and vulnerabilities in real-time and based on what you really need. That’s how your product will be more competitive in the marketplace.

Here are all the reasons to choose us:

A proprietary, flexible platform with easy access

Direct contact with certified ethical hackers

A selected and profiled team of experts

Ongoing support with annual subscription

Price on request

What people say about us

The power of crowd

UNGUESS relies on a community of ethical hackers. They share a great responsibility: to test corporate and government computer systems against attacks and risks. They form a collective, shared human intelligence, the perfect tool for cybersecurity campaigns.

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ethical hackers

What is ethical hacking

Ethical hackers are talents with verified identities and certified technical expertise. They have passed rigorous selection checks and received a skills assessment with evaluation of training and experience in cybersecurity.

About our platform

UNGUESS provides immediate access to the ethical hackers community through a secure, proprietary, and fully crowd-based platform. The platform is integrated with the most used enterprise software systems, and enables real-time data exchange.


UNGUESS Security services

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Bug Bounty Program

Engage our ethical hackers Crowd to identify vulnerabilities and potential risks in your digital product or service

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Red Teaming

Simulate a cyberattack on your employees or corporate infrastructure through the power of the crowd.

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Vulnerability Disclosure Program (VDP)

VPD facilitates communication between ethical hackers and companies. It streamlines the reporting process directly from the company's webpage.

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Penetration Testing

Engage a specialized team of ethical hackers to quickly test the security of specific features and/or obtain a high-level security scan of your digital product.

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