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Software Quality

How much time and resources do you save by involving the Crowd in your functional tests?

With so many mobile devices, operating systems and browsers available, and with software’s increasingly rapid-pace release schedule, it’s crucial that you test your digital products outside your internal lab through all phases of development. Our crowdtesting solutions will help you find and eliminate bugs and defects in your software – directly on real-world devices.

Be smart from the start.

Join these global brands in using the power of our crowd

How UNGUESS has brought value in Software Quality

Case study

Crowd functional test of AI for Milestone: here are the results

How much time and resources do you save by involving the Crowd in your functional tests?

White paper

Web Accessibility Testing and Tools. All you need to know about making your product accessible

A not-accessible web: here’s the chances you miss out – and the people you are leaving behind.

White paper

Testing (d)apps in the blockchain age. Quality assurance for the next generation of digital applications

Find out about emerging platforms for blockchain app development.

UNGUESS challenges

How Many Clicks Does It Take To Buy A Dress?

Since the start of the year, two million new consumers have been recorded in Italy alone, and the sector will grow up to 55% globally in 2020.

the accessibility testing web
White paper

The Accessibility Testing

A not-accessible web: here’s the chances you miss out – and the people you are leaving behind

digital services quality
White paper

Digital Services Quality

How to decrease time to market and cost of releases

test automation and crowdtesting
White paper

Integrating Crowdtesting And Test Automation Methodologies

The benefits of integrating CrowdTesting and Test Automation methodologies into the software delivery cycle

White paper

From Waterfall To Devops

From Waterfall to DevOps:Traditional banks vs. Challenger Banks and Fintech companies

Case study

Pirelli: Bug Hunting & Customer Feedback

CYCL-e around is Pirelli's e-bike rent service. It was initially only available to luxury hotels, but it was now opened to the consumer market.

costa crociere
Case study

Costa Crociere’s Challenge

How much can Conversion Rate increase with the right test?

up2you case
Case study

Agile Crowdtesting Project: The Up2You Case

Up2You chooses the new Agile Crowdtesting Project

case study decathlon
Case study

Decathlon: 3 days to optimise the online shopping experience

+14% conversion rate on the account creation page

Software Quality

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funcional testing icon

Functional Testing (Bug Hunting)

Use our crowd to detect the product bugs that you haven’t found yet.

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device compatibility testing icon

Device Compatibility Testing

Ensure your product works perfectly on every combination of device and browser.

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explore testing icon

Exploratory Testing

Use our community to identify and eliminate bugs in your product, service or software.

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AI Training & Testing

AI Training & Testing Solution can quickly deliver any data set required to train an AI algorithm, including text, images, speech, handwriting, documents, intents and biometrics.

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icon localization testing

Localization Testing

UNGUESS gives enterprises access to an expert community of global testers who are passionate about every aspect of localization testing.

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test automation icon

Automation Testing

Reduce development costs, optimise your team’s efforts, and increase test coverage.

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new os testing icon

New OS Testing

Solve issues with operating systems before release, with testing across multiple devices.

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bug hunting icon

Bug Hunting & Customer Feedback

Use our crowd to find and eliminate bugs in your software, guaranteeing a memorable experience.

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regression testing icon

Regression Testing

Combine Crowdsourced Tests and Test Automation to find the best solution for your business.

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ux testing icon

UX Testing

Test your product from a user perspective and create memorable experiences.

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cx research icon

CX Research & Insights

Use feedback from our crowd to develop a winning customer experience.

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Cybersecurity In Crowd

Pre-empt cyber threats and keep your business – and your users – safe.

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software quality icon

Software Quality

Crowdtesting solutions for your digital products, by engaged testers on real devices.

special service icon

Special Services

Bespoke crowdsourced solutions for your business.

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Have your own ready to use dynamic community to run into multiple UX, CX and marketing researches.

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UX Research

Co-design and crowdtest your digital product with real humans, for the best user experience.

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