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Through audits conducted by accessibility experts and usability testing with people with disabilities, together with partner Ergoproject we have Accompanied NeN to build an ongoing approach toward accessibility

From accessibility testing to game testing, UNGUESS offers a wide suite of services, drawing on our global community of real humans to take your business to the next level. Connect with us to discover a world where tech, digital and business solutions are enhanced by users and customers themselves.

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Special Services

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AI Training & Testing

AI Training & Testing Solution can quickly deliver any data set required to train an AI algorithm, including text, images, speech, handwriting, documents, intents and biometrics.

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Accessibility Testing

Accessibility Testing is carried out by users with disability to identify potential accessibility issues of the service being offered.

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Chatbot & Voice Training & Testing

Enhance your chatbot training to ensure a smooth, authentic experience.

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Eye-Tracking Study

See your product through the users’ eyes, with tracking tests conducted by real humans.

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Game Testing

Test your new video game during development to ensure a superior experience.

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Payment Testing

You many be losing money through incomplete sales on your e-commerce platform.

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Co-design and test products and services with your end users to ensure a memorable experience.

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Test the quality, identify bugs and flaws in your software and ensure effective, reliable and functional solutions.

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Protect your products and services from attacks and risks and rely on a community of certified ethical hackers.

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Special Services

Bespoke crowdsourced solutions for your business.

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Have your own ready to use dynamic community to run into multiple UX, CX and marketing researches.

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