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black friday
White paper

Everything you need to know about Black Friday

A research with 1,500 respondents across Italy, Spain and France, aimed at providing e-commerce and digital professionals with an in-depth tool for understanding the preferences and choices of consumers regarding

Luxury eCommerce: are big brands websites bug-free?
UNGUESS challenges

Luxury eCommerce: are big brands websites bug-free?

Learn about our exclusive research on the world of Luxury and the big fashion brands. In the Luxury world, competition is high, at least as high as user expectations. Ensuring a bug-free experience is the key to eCommerce success.

UNGUESS challenges

Comparing 7 UK retailers’Mobile shopping experiences by using Competitive Usability Test

What is that makes a mobile shopping experience user-proof?

UNGUESS challenges

Study of the digital and physical experience in bricolage and DIY Retailers

User and customer experience: find out how the big brands are doing

the state of digitalization of european tourism web
UNGUESS challenges

The state of digitalization of European tourism

Are we ready to offer an effective and "future ready" digital experience?

how many clicks
UNGUESS challenges

How many clicks does it take to open a bank account in Spain?

We see that Spanish banks are investing more and more in the digital acquisition of end-to-end products, trying to offer an online experience that is as simple and friendly as other business sectors.

UNGUESS challenges

How Many Clicks Does It Take To Buy A Dress?

Since the start of the year, two million new consumers have been recorded in Italy alone, and the sector will grow up to 55% globally in 2020.

italy vs spain
UNGUESS challenges

The State Of Digitalization in Italy Vs Spain

How many clicks does it take to buy a dress in Italy and Spain?

electricity supplier
UNGUESS challenges

How many clicks does it take to change electricity supplier?

The churn rate in the utility sector is not to be taken lightly. The annual average of users changing energy and water supplier is between 12 and 15%, and the trend is not declining1.

request a loan quote
UNGUESS challenges

How many clicks does it take to request a loan quote?

According to the Bank of Italy, since the beginning of the pandemic, about 15% of households have applied or considered applying for a loan from a bank or finance company.

healthcare challenge
UNGUESS challenges

Customer Journey Benchmarking: the healthcare challenge

Learn how customers select health centers and what are the main pain points of the process

first click
UNGUESS challenges

First Click Test on six major Swiss banks

Learn how to improve your conversion rate through our innovative UX research

booking unguess
UNGUESS challenges

The booking challenge

We asked the community to test 8 flight aggregators: Booking.com, eDreams, Expedia, etc...

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