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White paper

Pentest: traditional vs crowd-based

Learn why (and how) a new approach to cybersecurity - based on collaboration - can be a game changer against evolving cyber threats

UX playlist trends 2024
White paper

Playlist | 10 UX & User Research Trends not to miss in 2024

The UNGUESS research team has set to work to distill the 10 most impactful trends for the present – and the future – of user research and UX Design. But since a simple infographic seemed commonplace, we decided to turn it into a playlist. Turn up the volume, happy reading!

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The impact of User Experience

Join us on a deep dive into the world of user experience, as we unveil invaluable insights on enhancing your strategies. Discover how to calculate and track ROI with essential Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).

woman hand
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Is your e-commerce truly ready for Black Friday?

In the peak season for e-Commerce, elements such as page loading, user experience and a functional checkout process are critical to not losing valuable customers. We have prepared an infographic in 5 simple steps to help you get the most out of this time of year.

black friday
White paper

Everything you need to know about Black Friday

A research with 1,500 respondents across Italy, Spain and France, aimed at providing e-commerce and digital professionals with an in-depth tool for understanding the preferences and choices of consumers regarding

the impact of ux
White paper

The impact of User Experience

Deep dive into methodologies, metrics and frameworks useful to measure and boost the impact of User Experience on your business.

White paper

5 ways Crowdtesting can help your Conversion Rate Optimization

Download the White Paper to see which the Crowdtesting methodology can be a game-changer for CRO.

White paper

User Centered Experience Il metodo Crowdtesting per coinvolgere gli utenti nella definizione della UX

How to engage real customers and users to optimise their experience?

White paper

How can you go further in Customer Experience Management thanks to the Crowd?

Learn the new way of understanding customer feedback.

White paper

Web Accessibility Testing and Tools. All you need to know about making your product accessible

A not-accessible web: here’s the chances you miss out – and the people you are leaving behind.

White paper

Testing (d)apps in the blockchain age. Quality assurance for the next generation of digital applications

Find out about emerging platforms for blockchain app development.

White paper

Customer Journey Benchmarking

Discover our innovative customer journey mapping method that considers the competitors' maps to help businesses offer the best possible experiences to their consumers.

White paper

Digital Accessibility is no longer just a nice-to-have. Are you ready?

Legislation on Digital Accessibility is becoming reality. Is your business ready for the change?

the accessibility testing web
White paper

The Accessibility Testing

A not-accessible web: here’s the chances you miss out – and the people you are leaving behind

digital services quality
White paper

Digital Services Quality

How to decrease time to market and cost of releases

test automation and crowdtesting
White paper

Integrating Crowdtesting And Test Automation Methodologies

The benefits of integrating CrowdTesting and Test Automation methodologies into the software delivery cycle

White paper

From Waterfall To Devops

From Waterfall to DevOps:Traditional banks vs. Challenger Banks and Fintech companies

summer 2021
White paper

Test Coverage Index Summer 2021

Be sure to plan ahead to get maximum test coverage

online focus group
White paper

UX Research In Crowd

Learn what makes Crowdtesting a valid analysis tool and how it can be integrated as part of a structured UX Research project

user friendly
White paper

Competitive, Performing And User-Friendly

What you need to know (and start doing now) to boost your website's conversion rate

test coverage index spring 2022
White paper

Test Coverage Index Spring 2022

Be sure to plan ahead to get maximum test coverage

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