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UNGUESS loves to be in good company. Our partnerships are mutually beneficial and are built on the foundation of shared knowledge and collaboration.

Together we can grow while scaling and empowering customers with rich human insights, inform business decisions, and drive user-centered results. We cannot wait to meet you.


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Get a faster, cheaper access to our testing campaigns and enter a network of 300+ happy clients, enjoying a product that helps their digital services be always user-centered.

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Enter a network of 300+ happy clients

Tech Partners

All the innovative realities that work with us sharing mutual know-how and technical expertise.

Ergo Project

Through research activities with users they involve, observe and listen to people to understand who they are and what needs they have, study their characteristics and those of the social and technological context in which they use a service, providing all the information that forms the basis for subsequent production of design solutions.


Italian creative studio specialized in full-stack development.


A human centered experience design startup focused on design disruptive digital experiences, with a human-centered approach. Its main activity is designing, optimizing and validating UX for mobile and desktop, websites, eCommerce and voice assistants.


An Experience Design studio specialized in UX and UI. By applying Design Sprint and other methodologies linked to Design Thinking, they help brands and companies develop digital and data driven solutions to bring value to their users’ experience.

2B Research

A research studio that focuses on studying consumer empowerment and assisting companies in embracing an authentic consumer centricity. They developed a set of specific research tools that allow them to captivate their consumers in an active and participative way and thus obtain a meaningful and engaging research output.

Glue Glue

Digital product agency that designs and builds websites and mobile applications for B2B and B2C clients. Their proprietary 6-step structured method that allows to consistently deliver successful digital products.

rawfish logo


Design, surfing, code. It's not just a slogan, but their philosophy of life. Their creative strategy focuses on the user and his needs, according to the dictates of user centered design, to create customized and 100% efficient products.

Commercial Partners

Discover all the cutting-edge companies that share our common growth goal.

Osservatori Digital Innovation

Digital Innovation Observers has been developing knowledge on new digital technologies for more than 20 years. is a multimedia and interactive platform for professional updating on Digital Innovation with hundreds of contents and events created by analysts and experts with exclusive know-how.

CTO Mastermind

Community of Italian technology leaders. They hold monthly calls and webinars on slack & telegram.

IIA Italian Insurtech Association

IIA is the union of all companies and professionals promoting the process of mass application of new technologies to the insurance industry

Fintech District

The Fintech District is the gateway to the Italian Fintech ecosystem and attracts the most relevant national and international stakeholders. The Fintech District community reached over 100 startups and has multiple collaborations with public institutions, investors, professionals, financial institutions, international innovation hubs, universities and corporations.


Business spaces for scalable innovation with people at the center. We bring together brands, tech companies, investors and start-ups for a stronger, more innovative LifestyleTech ecosystem.

webranking logo


Digital agency among the largest in Italy, partner for the growth and digital innovation of the most famous Italian and international brands. Innovative, green and inclusive, thanks to various certifications such as Great Place to Work and Best Managed Companies by Deloitte, Webranking is confirmed as a market reference point for corporate well-being and better managed companies.


Daimon is Webranking's Brand Experience Studio. They create multi-channel experiences with a native digital approach, in which brands are their focus, the starting point from which they design everything, even the unimaginable as long as it is measurable.


Qapla' is the solution that simplifies the management of your eCommerce shipments and unleashes the marketing potential of delivery communications. Thanks to its quick and simple use, it also saves time and resources in Customer Care.


A bespoke performance marketing agency, focused on e-commerce. As a tailor, FIND customizes and sew their performance driven strategy on each client they partner with. They work on complex SEO, Digital Advertising, Digital Analytics, Conversion Marketing, Ecommerce & Digital Transformation projects, making a difference for ambitious companies ready to grow and take advantage of huge opportunities provided by digital marketing and sales.



They help clients identify emerging opportunities and unleash untapped business potential by harnessing the power of digital. Their immersive and experiential approach is based on workshops that help the company identify key activities and resources to implement.

payplug logo


Payplug is the payment solution designed for merchants, e-merchants, and fintech players. Their goal is to maximize the efficiency of your payments in the simplest way possible.

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