Cybersecurity In Crowd

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Benefits of the Bug Security Bounty Program

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Success Stories


“We are very satisfied with the collaboration we had with UNGUESS and its Security Business Unit. The value of continuous Bug Bounty Programs lies both on the value of knowledge of the health state of our website and on the importance of the current regulation about cybersecurity.”

Marco Venuti

Chief Technology Officer at Milkman Technologies


Bug Security Bounty Program

Software Quality

Crowdtesting solutions for your digital products, by engaged testers on real devices.
Bug Security Bounty Program

UX Research

Co-design and crowdtest your product with real humans, for the best user experience.
Bug Security Bounty Program

CX Research & Insights

Use feedback from our crowd to develop a winning customer experience.
Bug Security Bounty Program

Cybersecurity In Crowd

Pre-empt cyber threats and keep your business – and your users – safe.
Bug Security Bounty Program

Special Services

Bespoke crowdsourced solutions for your business.
Bug Security Bounty Program


Have your own ready to use dynamic community to run multiple Mkt, UX and CX researches.

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