Playlist | 10 UX & UXR Trends not to miss for 2024

The UNGUESS research team has set to work to distill the 10 most impactful trends for the present – and the future – of user research and UX Design.

But since a simple infographic seemed commonplace, we decided to turn it into a playlist.

Turn up the volume, happy reading!

Discover the trends that will shape 2024 in the field of User Research

From inclusive design to the growth of dark mode, from the impact of Ai to the tools that will change your way of working

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Made with love by UNGUESS renowned user research team

All the trends that will have an impact
on the world of User Research in the near future

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  • How AI will shape the world of User Research
  • Emotional Analysis is here to stay!
  • Device compatibility is not a nice to have
  • Gamification, micro-interactions and more!


For every trend you’ll find a Best in class reference and relevant stats. And of course an awesome tune to listen while reading!

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You’re just one step away from discovering the trends that will shape the future of User Research. 10 trends, 10 tunes, stats and best in class examples: kickstart your 2024 in great fashion!