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Test the quality, identify bugs and flaws in your software and ensure effective, reliable and functional solutions.

We test your product on a large number of real devices, by verifying that it meets technical and functional requirements, and improving its quality. We combine Crowdtesting and Testing Automation to perform agile, effective and repeated testing, with results that go deep.

With us, you have all the confidence to release a bug-free, user-validated, performance-optimized product.

Be smart from the start.


Why choose UNGUESS Quality

Our functional testing services are your valuable ally throughout the entire software development lifecycle. This way you can avoid downtime, reduce post-launch expenses, prevent potential problems, and increase positive brand and product impact.

Here are some good reasons to choose us:

Testing on hundreds of devices, operating systems, and browsers

Standardized processes for engaging and monitoring testers

Consolidated integration of Crowdtesting and Testing Automation

Ongoing support team and service experts

What people say about us

A real operational crowd

We involve only real testers to test the quality of your product. These are loyal professionals, hired through a reward system, managed extensively and even activated on a weekly basis during the development cycle. Here are the benefits, security and potential of collective intelligence.


Integration at every stage

Our continuous software testing cycles integrate with incremental feature releases and with each work team (agile and waterfall). We ensure modular, flexible and efficient testing processes to find effective solutions and scale your product quickly.

A truly unique dashboard

The results of all UNGUESS tests are collected and updated in real time in a single platform. From the dashboard you can assign a processing status, as well as sort, filter and drill down into each bug. The UNGUESS platform integrates with your tools and into your flow.

UNGUESS Quality Services

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funcional testing icon

Functional Testing (Bug Hunting)

Use our crowd to detect the product bugs that you haven’t found yet.

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device compatibility testing icon

Device Compatibility Testing

Ensure your product works perfectly on every combination of device and browser.

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explore testing icon

Exploratory Testing

Use our community to identify and eliminate bugs in your product, service or software.

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ai icon

AI Training & Testing

AI Training & Testing Solution can quickly deliver any data set required to train an AI algorithm, including text, images, speech, handwriting, documents, intents and biometrics.

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icon localization testing

Localization Testing

UNGUESS gives enterprises access to an expert community of global testers who are passionate about every aspect of localization testing.

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test automation icon

Automation Testing

Reduce development costs, optimise your team’s efforts, and increase test coverage.

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new os testing icon

New OS Testing

Solve issues with operating systems before release, with testing across multiple devices.

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regression testing icon

Regression Testing

Combine Crowdsourced Tests and Test Automation to find the best solution for your business.

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UNGUESS Quality Success Stories

growens case study
Case study

Crowdtesting and Test Automation for the transformation of billing processes in Growens

Learn how we accompanied Growens, a multinational tech company (with brands such as MailUp and BEE) in migrating its billing system, ensuring continuity of services to end users through a combination of Testing Automation and Crowdtesting

ecommerce canali
Case study

Optimizing a global e-commerce: UNGUESS and Canali

Learn how we assisted Canali in enhancing the online shopping experience across multiple countries through bug hunting and experience testing

Case study

How we optimized the website performance of one of Italy’s most important events

Learn how we worked on a load test for Salone del Mobile and achieved a 60% faster login time

Crowdtesting and Test Automation
Case study

Crowdtesting and Test Automation for billing process transformation at Growens

Discover our success story with Growens and find out how testing automation and crowdesting can help transform your company processes

Case study

Crowd functional test of AI for Milestone: here are the results

How much time and resources do you save by involving the Crowd in your functional tests?

Case study

Pirelli: Bug Hunting & Customer Feedback

CYCL-e around is Pirelli's e-bike rent service. It was initially only available to luxury hotels, but it was now opened to the consumer market.

costa crociere
Case study

Costa Crociere’s Challenge

How much can Conversion Rate increase with the right test?

up2you case
Case study

Agile Crowdtesting Project: The Up2You Case

Up2You chooses the new Agile Crowdtesting Project

case study decathlon
Case study

Decathlon: 3 days to optimise the online shopping experience

+14% conversion rate on the account creation page

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