Glue Glue

Digital product agency that designs and builds websites and mobile applications for B2B and B2C clients.
Their proprietary 6-step structured method that allows to consistently deliver successful digital products.

2B Research

A research studio that focuses on studying consumer empowerment and assisting companies in embracing an authentic consumer centricity. They developed a set of specific research tools that allow them to captivate their consumers in an active and participative way and thus obtain a meaningful and engaging research output.


An Experience Design studio specialized in UX and UI. By applying Design Sprint and other methodologies linked to Design Thinking, they help brands and companies develop digital and data driven solutions to bring value to their users’ experience.


A human centered experience design startup focused on design disruptive digital experiences, with a human-centered approach. Its main activity is designing, optimizing and validating UX for mobile and desktop, websites, eCommerce and voice assistants.


Italian creative studio specialising in full-stack development.

Ergo Project

Through research activities with users they involve, observe and listen to people to understand who they are and what needs they have, study their characteristics and those of the social and technological context in which they use a service, providing all the information that forms the basis for subsequent production of design solutions.